Awarded the Best Emerging Company in India, 2018

Awarded the Best Brand in Construction & Cement, 2019

Maxlite is India’s #1 AAC Blocks Manufacturer headquartered out of Bangalore, India. We exist to revolutionize the construction industry. Through indigenous technology, Maxlite AAC Blocks are light-weight, durable, high load bearing and fire resistant. We have two industrial warehouses that have the capacity to produce 1 million blocks per hour.


To create and uphold an organization of highly skilful construction services that will add value to our Clients’ requirements with candour and reliability. To build an enhanced environment that will endorse personal growth and satisfaction. We strive to distinguish ourselves as a builder of greater choice to those in quest of excellence and value.


To be the unsurpassed contributor of high-end construction services by constantly improving the value of our product; to add value for patrons through modernization, prudence, integrity, and resolute performance; and to serve with quality and purpose that brings about a greener society.

Meet The Founders

Maxlite AAC Blocks

Darshan is a successful serial entrepreneur. He is an industrialist with a demonstrated history of setting up a business that scale. He is currently the managing director at Maxlite AAC Blocks. As the chief architect, he has pioneered the production of high-quality, lightweight AAC Blocks in Bangalore, India. Darshan is passionate about the environment. After much research, using the innovative idea of using Fly ash, an industrial pollutant in a constructive way to manufacture environmental friendly AAC blocks. As a young entrepreneur, Darshan has won many accolades including features on newspapers, magazines and events.

Darshan is an Electronics and Communication Engineering graduate from Don Bosco Institute of Technology, India.

Sri G. Ramaiah has over 25+ years on working expereince in the construction industry. He is the visionary behind everything at Maxlite. A true businessman, he has led Maxlite to triple its turnover since inception in 2016. Having been a successful entrepreneur himself, Mr Ramaiah now works with his son Darshan to build a strong young workforce to producing quality AAC Blocks. His focus is to leverage India’s domestic growth to create high growth and empower his clients.

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